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Mountain Range

About Ellijay Embroidery

Founded in 2021 and focused entirely on white glove embroidery services, Ellijay Embroidery is your one stop shop for all your embroidery needs.

Our primary goal is to support our local community, and we've invested our very best to make it happen.

Why Ellijay Embroidery is different...

The most important thing to know about Ellijay Embroidery is that we pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled customer experience and the highest quality work with the most exacting standards possible while doing everything we can to better our community and the town we love and call home.  We carefully select colors and materials, closely inspect our completed work under magnification for flaws, and are conveniently located in East Ellijay just a mile and a half from the town square.  We offer gift cards, accept all methods of payment, participate in the weekly Ellijay Farmer’s Market, Apple Arts, and Apple Blossom Festivals, attend Chamber of Commerce luncheons and events, and generally do all we can to add to what our community has to offer.

Madeira Threads_edited.png

All of our work is produced on top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art Happy HCD3e-1501 industrial grade commercial embroidery machines using only the highest quality threads by Floriani & Madeira.

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